Harp Careers – Becoming a Rainbow of Sound Facilitator

  • Have people been asking you if you can teach them the harp?
Do you play the harp but do not consider yourself to be a teacher?

  • Are you already a teacher but looking to streamline your teaching business?

Then, this project is for you!
 After many years of public and private school teaching and working individually with students, Christina Tourin has developed a program that benefits everyone involved.

Here is the structure of the program…

The Rainbow of Sound Harp Kit imageThe Facilitator purchases a package kit of:

  • 6 Rainbow colored Harpsicles by Rees Instruments
  • 6 Harpsicle individual cases
  • 1 Rainbow of Sound traveling cart (for the 6 harps)
  • 6 music stands
  • 6 harp kneebones and 6 harp straps
  • 1 Join In Series of 3 Books+CDs

The following added for the Rainbow of Sound Program:

  • 1 set of the 6 Rainbow of Sound Books + DVDs
  • 1 Learn How to Become and Effective Rainbow of Sound™ Facilitator book (this provides contracts, business outlines, lesson plans, etc.)

The following added for the Color My World Program:

  • 1 set of the 6 Color My World Themes in the Series (DVDs + music-cards)
  • 6 additional music/chord-cards for each of the songs for use in group settings
  • 7 pillar prompters and 7 music-card pouches
  • 1 set of 8 diatonic Tap Bells
  • 1 Facilitator’s package with contracts, advertising materials, videos (on USB) that trains you how to administer the program, teaching aids

You may also combine the two musical programs to embrace all levels and circumstances of offering harp instruction and experiences to all ages!

 For further details and if you have questions as you consider this exciting harp career opportunity please Contact Us

Details of the Rainbow of Sound Package:

Your initial outlay of approximately $4,500.00* (less than the cost of a Celtic harp!) is recouped in just 6 months. Your six harps are rented to six children (or adults) for a period of 2 months. Each person is part of the Rainbow thus making it ‘necessary’ to attend all 8 classes so that the Rainbow is complete!
* This does not include shipping, handling and custom charges for the harps, accessories and materials – these will be calculated and quoted to you when you order. (For orders being shipped out of the country, your cost is $4350.  You will not receive the cart nor the music stands for which you can easily purchase in your country and save on shipping/handling.)

  • The parents pay a rental fee for the harp for each of the 2 months plus 8 lessons. This is to be paid upfront guaranteeing you the income whether or not their child follows through or not
  • With each of the six children for the first round, you will earn (approximately) 1/2 of your investment fee and by the time you have done two rounds, your investment is recovered. The rental of the harps then becomes all profit from that point on
  • You will work with the DVD’s – showing the children their lesson for that week. You will notice that some children will catch on quicker than others. Thus, after the 8 lessons, you can take the students on individually or in smaller groups of 2 or 3 and continue on with the DVD lessons
  • There are performance story lines within the DVDs enabling you to have ready made recitals in place. Here is a link with a short demo of the first 2 DVDs
  • The contract forms, business guidelines and suggested lesson plans are all in your How To Become An Effective Rainbow of Sound Facilitator manual
  • Harp Instructor, Carol McLauglin, Harp Professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, and director of the famed Harp Fusion ensemble, commends this method as “exceptional” and suggests that this unique approach of learning how to play the harp be applied to college level harp study. Her own daughter studied the whole Rainbow of Sound series!
  • For first time teachers, you’ll have the tools that you need to successfully begin people in your area playing harp whether it be at schools, churches, senior centers or a group of friends that have come to you
  • For those who are already actively teaching, this method will add a new dimension to your beginning groups!
  • Click here for ordering information. There is a time wait while the harps are being designed for you of about 60 days. Consider now for the upcoming new semester at schools. Many of our facilitators are actually receiving funds from the school or other organizations to purchase the harps
  • We will be developing a list of Rainbow of Sound Ensemble Facilitators™ as this new website is launched. You will have a link to have your contact information included

Adding the Color My World© SeriesIntroduction Video to Color My World with Harp

The Color My World© Series  offers beautiful melodies for the adult harp beginner.  This program is specifically designed for support groups, community groups, health-care facilities and teen programs while at the same time it can 
augment the Rainbow of Sound® program for schools and adult/senior groups.

This addition can work under the same paradigm as the Rainbow of Sound program – offering people the option to rent the harp for 2 months, get their materials and have 8 lessons.  Or you can choose to take this program into facilities such as senior homes, support groups in hospitals, yoga centers, church groups, various healthcare facilities and after school programs.

The added $400.* cost is discounted for you when you purchase both the Color My World with Harp program AND the Rainbow of Sound Program. It supplies you with the books, teaching DVDs,  bells, pillar prompters, pouches, extra sets of 2/3 chord cards.

The songs are categorized into collections that appeal to people in different emotional and physical states.

  • Lullabies for babies and peaceful songs for relaxation
  • Songs of strength and encouragement for those in rehabilitation units or other places of boosting the energy
  • Songs of hope, inspiration and love for support groups
  • Songs of faith and gratitude for those in places of the unknown and recovery
  • Songs of nature and healing for well-being

All the songs can stand alone just for the 
enjoyment of learning a simple song on the harp. Thus, the facilitator can teach only one student at a time or a group of 6.

The beautiful DVDs show the processes of playing the tunes.

  • Those having no musical background easily learn these tunes
  • Color codes and numbers achieve success in music making
  • The songs are also multi-level arranged for groups of people including special needs and those with physical challenges 
so that they can be part of a Harp Circle

Research has proven that when people experience the sound of relaxing music, they relax which leads to deeper breathing. In turn, this helps in the oxygenation of the body helping people to gain a better sense of well-being.

We are here to help you…! 

We appreciate that embarking on an exciting harp career opportunity is a big step to take! And often we are able to tailor our Facilitator’s Packages to meet your specific needs – so please feel free to Contact Us.


1. I am curious to know what you suggest as lesson and rental costs for the 8 week programs per child or adult.

We suggest a $300.00 fee which includes the harp rental for 8 weeks (2 months), 8 lessons and two books, and two DVDs. To date, people are doing fine receiving that amount. A few have had to go a bit less and other’s actually get quite a bit more.

2. Is there a payment program on the package for the facilitator? What is the transaction process between order and delivery? I may be interested in doing two programs at once as I am working on getting a grant with a Health network, have made contact with the Foundation and have given them information on therapeutic music to do the research.

I would say to put in the amount of $4900.00 for the 2 programs (Rainbow of Sound and Color My World©) plus the s/h costs. As to the first part of your question, you pay for the program upfront and then the order is placed. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the harps to be built. During that time, the materials will be shipped to you.

3. Can I purchase 3 harpsicles now in the Rainbow program with with the objective of purchasing 3 harpsicles shortly thereafter to begin the Color My World program?

Yes, the program will be pro-rated – thus leaving off the cost of 3 harps, cases, sticks and straps. See costs below.

4. I see that now you are offering Harpsicles, instead of Sharpsicles? Is this still for the $4500.00?

Yes, you’ll get 6 Harpsicles instead of Sharpsicles. If you feel you want 1 or 2 with levers then we can pro-rate that. (See costs below). We went to Harpsicles for two reasons. First, the cost of the harps increased and we actually lowered our costs to you by going to Harpsicles and secondly, all the music can be played in the key of C and Am on the Harpsicles for both the Rainbow of Sound and Color My World programs.

5. Do I need to add to my order for each 8 week beginning student another set of books/dvds — or at least the beginning two books w/dvd @ $60 ea? What is wholesale price?

Yes. Prior to every 8 weeks that you begin, you need to place an order for 6 sets of Purple/Blue Books and DVDs – which would be $36.00 per set times 6 = $216.00 plus the s/h which will be about $15.00.  (You will earn 40% on each set sold to the student through their payment for the lessons, rental and materials). That money will come in from each of the students signing up for the program. And you should have that pre-payment ahead of time. This is set out in the contract that you will have for them that is in the turnkey manual. If you have young students, then they will likely only need the Purple book so you could save a total of $54.00 by not getting the Blue book for them – but the DVDs come both Purple and Blue in the case.

6. As facilitator I would include the beginning book(s?) with the rental harp and accessories in the intro eight week course ($300) cost per student?


7. The book/dvd set I get in the package is for my reference?

Yes, that is your set.

8. All music in six books are in key of C/Am? (no accidentals)? so harpsicles are best through the six books?

Correct – accidentals start in the 4th book – the Yellow book. That is the only book that uses accidentals and the student will likely have their own harp by the time they get to the 4th book.  In the Color My World series,  all songs are in C and Am as well.

9. Students – youngster & adult probably will not get through the first two books in 8 lessons?

Partially correct, the younger ones are likely to get through the Purple Books but the Teens and Adults have assignments in the Blue books.

10. The Rainbow intro level is fine for adult learning as well?

Yes, they will learn how to read music and certain songs have been chosen for them that are applicable to the skill at hand. If they already know how to read music they will be  excited to get started on the Color My World and progress quickly. You’ll be able to add the Color My World Series to your existing Rainbow of Sound Package for $450. It is not necessary to have studied Rainbow of Sound prior to Color My World unless someone wants to learn HOW TO READ music.

11. If I ordered 3 harpsicles w/accessories, I would still get everything else in the package including harp travel cart?

Yes, we can pro-rate it that way. You would get 3 sticks, cases, stands etc along with the carrying card.

12. At what cost would that be?

The cost for the RS or CMW package minus 3 harps is $2721.00 plus s/h. (When you purchase the remaining 3 harps, cases, sticks and strap, it will be $1779.00 plus s/h.

If one wanted 5 Harpsicles and 1 Sharpsicle it would be an additional $221.00
If one wanted 4 Harpsicles and 2 Sharpsicles it would be and additional $242.00
If one wanted 3 Harpsicles and 3 Sharpsicles it would be an additional $663.
If one wanted 5 Harpsicles and 1 Flatsicle it would be an additional $265.00
If one wanted 5 Harpsicles and 1 Fullsicle it would be an additional $485.00

Based on the information above for 1 Flatsicle or Fullsicle, you can design your set accordingly.

13. I could order 3 harpsicles now, receive all books now to study and set marketing while harps are being made (with total payment)?

Yes, all materials will come while the harps are being made.

14. After 4 weeks of program, I could order 3 more harps if interest is generated?

Yes but do remember, the program is built on the premise that there are 6 in the program. It will work with 3 but the motivation and excitement is better with 6.

15. By doing it this way would there be less savings? i.e. is the better deal to order whole package?

The savings is in the postage/handling if you buy it as a complete set but if this is the only way to get something going, then it is possible, just a bit more in the end.

16. Does the facilitator make anything on the students buying a new harps? 
Not on the actual sale of the harps but you have gathered a new student. And once you figure out the levels of the students you can create groups according to their ability. The student will save on their books and DVDs when they purchase a harp through Emerald Harp Productions.

We are here to help you…! 

We appreciate that embarking on an exciting harp career opportunity is a big step to take! And often we are able to tailor our Facilitator’s Packages to meet your specific needs – so please feel free to Contact Us.