Introducing the Color My World Series



The Color My World© Series provides beautiful harp music, expanding your repertoire in a dynamic learning environment, and can form the basis for starting your own Harp Circle.
The user-friendly music and instructional DVDs make playing the harp a fun and enriching experience, whether you are a professional musician, loving caregiver or beginning harp player.
Music cards are included in this DVD package and attach to the harp column with a specially designed pillar prompter.

The beautiful DVDs show the processes of playing the tunes:

  • Those having no musical background easily learn these tunes
  • Color codes and numbers achieve success in music making
  • There are four segments that show a) fingering  b) chords  c) playing with the accompaniment   d) visuals to enhance the performances for groups

The songs are categorized into collections that address the needs of people in special circumstances:

  • Lullabies for babies and peaceful songs for relaxation
  • Songs of strength and encouragement for those in rehabilitation units or other places of boosting the energy
  • Songs of hope, inspiration and love for support groups
  • Songs of faith and gratitude for those in places of the unknown and recovery
  • Songs of nature and healing for well-being

One does not need to specifically use the music in those areas as all the songs can stand alone just for the 
enjoyment of learning a simple song on the harp. The accompaniments on the DVDs creates a lovely background so that the harp player can learn rhythm and enjoy the full success of becoming an artist!

A note about Harp Circles – the idea is based on the synergistic concept that ‘many parts create the whole’, encouraging each person to participate in group playing, no matter how simple their part may seem. All age groups, including those with special needs and physical challenges, will benefit from the deep relaxation and self-esteem that comes from playing the harp! The Color My World Series is ideally suited for use in Harp Circles. For more information see our dedicated website.

There are 6 DVD+Music-card Sets in the Color My World with Harp Series:


Songs of Love and Beauty

Love is perhaps the most universal human experience. It intensifies our relationships and opens us to others, whether we love another person, our family, our country, our home. Intrinsically linked to love is beauty. We love what we find beautiful. We are each unique because we find beauty in different places. The melodies included in Songs of Love and Beauty recall us to those experiences of love in our lives, and open us to expressing these feelings further. They can be effective in any harp circle support group that seeks reminders of these elements in our lives.


Songs of Strength and Courage

In difficult times, we search for what makes us strong, for what gives us the will to keep on going even in the face of adversity. Music can stir us to action. It can remind us of the courage within ourselves, lifting the spirits and clearing the mind. The songs included in Songs of Strength and Courage bring out the lion-like nature in us all. Designed to increase positive energy and get the fingers tapping, these songs are effective for enlivening and emboldening any harp circle support group!


Songs of Hope and Inspiration

Hope, as Emily Dickinson wrote, “is the thing with feathers/that perches in the soul.” It is the one thing that remains in Pandora’s box after the evils have fled. Hope lifts us; coupled with inspiration, it helps us to transcend our troubles. The songs in included in Songs of Hope and Inspiration remind us that we are not alone, that others have waled similar roads, and that light can be found even in the darkest places. These melodies are designed to be effective in lifting the spirits of any harp circle support group or the individual playing these tunes in their own sanctuary of their music room.


Songs of Nature and Healing

The ancient Celts believed that the natural world had a direct link to the spiritual. Who has not felt more at peace in the green depths of nature, whether forest or mountaintop, ocean or stream? “Being outside” soothes us, and at the same time makes us feel more whole. The songs included here remind us of the healing connection between humans and nature. Developed for nature lovers everywhere, Songs of Nature and Healing is effective in any harp circle or setting with a deep connection to our earth.


Songs of Tranquility and Stillness

In quietude, we find ourselves, that “still small voice” of the soul. Drawn into our depths, we reflect on what matters most to us. we are calmed by music that invokes this state. In times of crisis or stress, we desperately search for anything that can give us a sense of peace, something that music can do with great effect. The gentle tunes in Songs of Tranquility and Stillness are designed for those who seek this calm – this “balm to the soul.” The melodies and lullabies included here can be effective in any harp circle support group looking for deep peace; for mom’s-in-waiting or for calming babies in NICU or at home.


Songs of Faith and Gratitude

Crises of health often test our faith – and at the same time deepen it. In troubled times in our lives, we find more things than ever to be grateful for. No matter our religious affiliation, music lifts the spirit and confirms our faith in a power greater than ourselves. The music included in Songs of Faith and Gratitude provides both inspiration and support for those needing spiritual solace. These songs are drawn from a variety of traditions to meet patient and caretaker needs, whether individually or in a support group setting.


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