Need a general introduction to the various training options available ?
Note from Clive:

This page to explain all the various routes one could take to become qualified in the various ways that Tina offers. Obviously the start of the would cover the routes that relate directly to HCs – for newbies, non-musicians, as well as harpists or music therapists. However, the page could also go on to mention the IHTP and the Harp Therapy Campus option.

This program is specifically designed for health-care facilities and support groups while at the same time it can 
augment the Rainbow of Sound ® program for schools and adult/senior groups.
The songs are categorized into collections that address the needs of people in special circumstances and are easy to learn with play along instruction. (coming in Spring 2012) 

Thinking of becoming a freelance Harp Circles ‘entrepreneur’? You will find everything to get started with this exciting opportunity on Rainbow of Sound 

Outlining the wonderful opportunities that Harp Therapy has to offer. Modern research confirms the remarkable benefits of music in schools, hospitals, caregiving, special needs and in community.

Take a look into the training opportunities on offer and learn about  dynamic developments in this growing field of harp expression 

No matter where you are in the world you can join the on-line Harp Therapy Campus. The campus is open 24/7 inviting you to step through this well established training program